What It Actually Means to Work From Home

Spoiler Alert: It’s not a bed of roses!

Enywaru Pius
6 min readMar 4, 2020


From when I was exiting my adolescence days, I envied and admired people that lived that life — working from home.

I’ve always cherished waking up and walking around in my boxers in the comfort of my home, doing my work on my laptop without having to hustle with beating jam or waking up early to the annoying sound of an alarm reminding me that I have to clock-in by 9 am ( No shade to the folks that are doing this but I know it sucks, sometimes.)

About a decade ago, I got what I always wanted & wished for and I can comfortably say I am living my 17-year old self dream but it’s not all roses like I had watched it in the movies or read about it in the books. I’m living it and it’s not as glossy as you dream of it or how I amazingly paint it.

Yes, I’ve been lucky to land myself remote work that I can do from the comfort of my couch, the kitchen counter or even my bed. Thanks to Slack and other online workplace platforms, I do work and collaborate with clients and bosses in Nairobi, South Africa, the US and other countries I only see in the movies with no plans of ever visiting.

All I need as my daily fuel is a great internet connection and a fully charged laptop to do my work and maybe some coffee to keep my optimism high. Ohh plus some Chainsmokers’ music.

To be sincere, I have (still do) enjoyed living this kind of life, haggling to pay bills this way and I know there are very many of you out there who would die to get such an opportunity and do things the same way I have painted the niceness of this kind of hustle.

However, I must warn, there are certain things you are going to have to stomach, sacrifice and be ready for if you ever choose to pursue a Work-At-Home career.

Get used to living a lonely life

Working from home is such a boring and lonely task to partake in!



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