Why Everyone Should Have A Side Gig

It’s got to be a routine for everyone doing a 9 to 5 and those that aren’t.

ike they always say; Nobody can stop reggae, I can nearly swear that in today’s era, no one can stop the gig economy and how rapidly it continues to thrive. Almost everyone I know that is grinding a 9 to 5 hustle is also juggling a side gig for many reasons that I am here to hype.

I am one of the many Millenials that are barely scratching the surface and rigorously combing through the internet to find where we could make the next dollar as I go about my other business on Upwork, fiver or whatever opportunity presents itself.

I am part of the millions who are embracing the insomnia disorder to either code throughout the night or simply blog.

Yes, we (millennials) are thirsty as hell to do this thing called multi-tasking and are surely making a killing out of it without even quitting our annoying 9 to 5 jobs. Whether we suck at it or not is a debate for another day but one thing for sure is we are casting our nets out in the sea hoping for a healthy catch.

Instead of drinking a large glass of Merlot, we’re honing our skill-set, sparking our curiosity, testing our intellectual capacity. This is fulfilling. This is restorative. This enhances well-being. — Aytekin Tank

A recent survey by SunTrust Bank found that Millennials pull in more money from their side hustles than Gen Xers or baby boomers. According to the survey, millennials made an average of $10,972 per year from their side hustles, which is 20% more than Gen Xers ($8,791) and 46% more than baby boomers ($5,892) reported.

For many reasons, I have encouraged my friends and those that simply swing by my inbox for a piece of advice that it’s important that they should always be on the lookout for any gigs they can do. It’s always great to make some decent money while you expect to be resting. It’s such a nice feeling.

Keep your cash flow healthy.

Unless you take home fat allowances every week, a hefty paycheck at the end of every month and your job covers almost all your necessities, it’s not advisable to have all your hopes in one source of income. It’s a huge risk. What if you wake up and you’ve been fired or the company is no more? You sure don’t want to be living on the edge, do you?

I know a couple of friends who are on a 9 to 5 grind but are grappling with debt and can’t seem to rely on their monthly paycheck to meet all their needs. If you are constantly locked between this rock and a hard place, you need to seriously think about a side hustle to supplement your income.

A side gig helps you keep a healthy and steady cash inflow to avoid complete burnout. Whereas you’ve got to wait till the end of the month for your paycheck, you can always collect payments for work done on your side hustle depending on what you negotiate. You can keep running on the fuel from side gigs as you wait for your end of month paycheck.

Unclog your mind & release all unnecessary pressures.

Side-gigs aren’t meant to only focus on increasing your cash flow. They’re meant to be fun, a breather from your hectic work schedules, hobbies that bring out the best out of you, mini-vacations from your annoying work station, work-mates and your boss.

Forget all the naysayers that have made you believe that side-gigs will take all your time and attention from your main job. That’s a lie.

While everyone is choosing to do the basics of going to the movies, going for a beer or simply jumping in a weekend-long binge, you can always secure an hour or two of your free time and channel it to focusing on your side hustle.

You may choose to do something far out of your daily job as a side gig. Say if you are an engineer, you can try doing graphics or blogging for people or companies at a fee. This can help you unclog your mind and see how to free your mind from everything engineering for a while earning from it. Doing some work away from your usual routine can open your brain to brighter ideas that you may want to try out.

Plan on quitting your Job

For whatever reason, quitting a job isn’t easy! It has never been.

It is for an employer because as soon as you walk out the door after quitting, hundreds of applications will come flocking in and you’ll be replaced in a snap of Thanos’ finger.

You need to have your head above the water because it is a huge hurdle to leap. You need to plan and having a side gig prepares you in case you make the decision to quit. Build a network, use your current workplace resources to prepare yourself for life after your current job. In many cases, side hustling can turn into your own business.

While in the quest, remember not to burn bridges and leave healthy relationships whenever you choose to leave. You never know you could cross paths with your former employer.

I blog for believers, spirited optimists, and ambitious movers. I am writing to build a home that will be filled with Ideas & Inspiration.

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