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Yes! We are Definitely Writing More This Year!

There is always that overwhelming factor that is holding you back from writing. I’m pretty sure there are lots of you out there that are very much willing to write, you feel you should be writing but for some reason, you have not published anything in a while.

Could it be procrastination? could it be just lack of motivation? could it be a lack of self-esteem or you simply fear that whatever you write won’t be read or will be subjected to criticisms? Well whatever it is that is holding you back from writing, better not be as serious enough to send you from ‘writer's block’ to ‘writers extinction’( if the word exists anyway)

The thing with writing is that anyone can simply wake up and throw around a couple of blogs on their newly owned Wordpress or medium account or even own a whole domain and website and proudly claim the title ‘writer’. Which is okay and allowed, however, to be a great writer, you have to be able to concentrate and maintain the highest degree of consistency and focus to be just that. It’s not the only thing you’ll need, but it’s a good start!

Everyone and anyone can actually write if they put their mind to it, but that shouldn’t be such a big a deal, we are all writing anyway, regardless. Without having the slightest idea of it, we are churning out hundreds of words each second that sways by. We are either texting our ex, responding to an email, sending a tweet, captioning a photo on Instagram or even commenting on a Facebook post. No! Even with you being part of the sequence, that shouldn’t award you the rights of braggadocio about being such a kickass writer or even conclusively saying you are one.

That aside, we are here to write, I am here to write and always put my brain and creativeness to test. I want to write until my fingers can’t tickle a keyboard anymore. I want to get places with writing and as I do so, I always cherish reading more than I actually write. I believe there is another side to this whole thing that is still untapped. I have had a taste of the fruits and this has only sparked more interest.

I’m always carried away with laughter every when a client wants some amazing content for their website, weekly blog or opinion but their offer isn’t any near to being ‘amazing’. We have been for the longest time possible underlooked and everyone feels they can do our job. That all we do is sit there and put together a bunch of words and have a meaningful piece up. ‘That shouldn’t be such a hard Job”, they always say.

Our worries and concerns are like those of graphics designers, copywriters, social media managers, and just about anyone doing ‘new age’ jobs that the traditional folks deem ‘ a waste of time’ or ‘an unserious lot’. In order to hide behind their unpleasant paycheck, some clients are quick to discredit your work and brand it ‘simple’ and not worth your asking price. It happens quite a lot and in here, only the strong survive lest you feed on breadcrumbs.

Admittedly, not many can say no or turn down these poor paying gigs because they’re afraid of losing out, they are scared of ‘chasing away’ the client. With this continued trend, there is distress and frustration in the business. It gets worse when some clients don’t even fulfil their end of the bargain of paying you for your work.

Nonetheless, we won’t stop writing, we can’t be kicked out of our hustle because of folks that don’t want to appreciate the works of our hands. We’ll hang in there, we’ll keep being the wordsmiths we are, we’ll keep churning out tonnes of words that make sense.

The industry has some really well-paying clients and also passionate folks that are not here entirely for the money( Not me though, I need the money for bills won’t pay themselves.) But we shall keep writing regardless and this year we are writing even more.

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